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VASABI TM(PC BASED ABI VASCULAR DOPPLER)WIREFREE COMMUNICATION VASABI- PC BASED VASCULAR DOPPLER VasABI is a PC based vascular doppler recorder machine used to diagnose the peripheral arterial disease (PAD) of a diabetic patient.
vascular-ABI can be interface with specially designed interfacing PC software which is calculating Ankle Brachial Index
(AB Index) automatically based on BP values entered by user with the guidelines of TASCII. User can view realtime waveform in interfaced PC Monitor.(br>


  • 8MHz Unidirectional doppler transducer
  • Manual BP entry Automatic ABI calculation
  • USB Connectivity facility
  • VasABI PC Software for the patient data analysis and A4 paper patient take away.
  • HD resolutiom waveform display in PC Monitor
  • Standards matching international specifications
  • Customized PDF report for portability
  • Email and Simple report printing facility
  • Weight less than 2 Kgs easy portable
  • DICOM supported reporting

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