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Podotech Elftman (Electronic baropedography) Podotech Image Versatile, Efficient, Cost-effective comprehensive foot pressure analysis system. The Podotech applied to be variable fields like podiatry, orthotics prothetics, orthopadics, Rehabilitation, diabetes, sports medicine, Physical Therapy, Chiropractics & occupational theraphy. The podotech elftman utilises state of the art pressure mat technology and electronic sensors to provide expensive analysis options. Superior visual analysis encourages patient interaction and facilities a more accurate assessment. Quick and easy to use, the Podotech Elftman is an essential tool when working in any fast-paced clinical environment.


  • 3 Scan types: Static, Dynamic and Postural
  • Captures 100 images per second
  • Matrix homogeneity provided by 1600 equally-measuring sensors.
  • Can be walked with and with out footwear
  • Achieve better CAD/CAM foot orthotic outcomed by combining the rlftman image at design stage.
  • Highly sensitive mat enables analysis of childrens gaint and posture
  • Identifies deviations in the musculoskeletal balance.
  • CE certification provides quality assurance
  • User replacable cable(L150R)
  • No product calibration required

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