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ABI Doppler

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DigiDop ABI300 is PC based vascular doppler recorder. Incorporate for your index for ABI is best known for standardize test for diagnose PAD.
Simple persist and performing the tset quickly and accurately following the clinical and CPT recommendation for ABI exam.
These recommendation include obtaining the systolic pressure using the doppler over PT and DP arteries of the ankle. Using DigiDop ABI300 We can diagnose the PVR waveform of the patient.
Overall package comes with two years of manufacturer warranty. From ABI PC study we can include PVR samples in patient report.


  • Digitally Optimized Processing - DOP TM produces up to 6xsignal of Dopplers
  • 8Mhz Pen tip vascular probe
  • 5 Years of probe warranty
  • Optimized for peripheral vessels in vascular applications
  • User replaceable cord
  • Excellent sensitivity and durability to withstand everyday use.
  • Manual cost effective system for the diagnosis of PAD
  • "Gold Standard" 8 MHz Doppler
  • PVR waveform capture
  • Customizable reports
  • Attach multiple formats directly to EMR records
  • 2 Years of warranty with complete full package
  • 4 cuffs (2x10cm, 2x12cm)
  • DICOM plug-in

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